Friday, May 1, 2009


We went to see Wolverine tonight. It was our "going out" night, where we just meet up somewhere (unless we happen to be at home at the same time lol!) and have something to eat, go to the pictures maybe, but generally just chat and have a nice time just being together.

So tonight we had a meal at the local pub, and then to the pictures to see X-Men Origins:Wolverine. Details *here*. It was a good film, but very much a prequel, which was fine by me, but not for some of the younger viewers who hadn't seen the films as adults, merely as children, and who weren't prepared to have to think about where the characters were going in the next films, even though those films had been made.

Making a prequel after the films. It's a Temporal Paradox Captain!

Speaking of which, Star Trek is out soon.

We might have to, you know!

The She-Ex, (probably) phoned during the film. R had an American number on his phone anyway. It wasn't her fault, she wasn't to know, but clearly he didn't answer because of the film. But she hasn't phoned back, there's no detailed message, just a random one, and so it can obviously wait! We can't phone her - she's at work. Ah well.

Anyway - it's getting on for bedtime here, after the BG call. I have no idea if there will be an answer tonight, but I hope so. IT would be a lovely end to a lovely day. R is going to ask her about the blog tonight, so I hope she's seen it!

And I have wadding, and backing for the quilt. Busy day tomorrow!

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