Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I love it.

I was given some navy blue Corduroy today and there is TONNES of it. Ok, not literally, but there's a lot.

I'm getting off of here at 9pm so I can make with it! A surprise make at that. One with no pattern. One that may not go well. But hey - a person can try!

IN other news, AC is reading this

and we are up to here

which is the "very exciting bit". Sam and Adam are being very brave apparently, and he would do the same thing.

That's nice to know if I ever get stuck on a mountain. I'll have company!

He reads very fluently, but we're still having to work on reading with expression! He'll get there - he is only 5! (Ok, 6 in 17 days - he works it out on the calendar each morning!)

And now BG is calling! YAY! She wants to know if we have exciting news.

Cleaning the kitchen?


Not a very exciting day really. :-)

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