Friday, May 8, 2009

I was right!

It was SO one of THOSE days.

So much so, that I am home, at 1715 on a Friday, instead of pottering around town.

Highlights of today.

1) Projector bulb in another classroom exploding. Literally.
2) Child in the playground breaking it's arm at lunchtime.
3) One of my non-verbal beloved's smacking his head into a door, and not being able to tell us where it hurt, or how it hurt, or anything useful. (He's fine now!)
4) An email from the She-Ex.
5) Busting a button off of the pocket on the back of my trousers. Noisily. In assembly. With 300 children there.
6) Finding out that one of my not-so-specials (although they are all special in their own way!) who could do HTU last week, now has no idea what 100 is. Or what it looks like. Or how we write it. Or indeed, why on earth we WOULD write it.
7) Being caught in the middle of class restructuring at school.
8) Getting the application pack for the new place and thinking "I could do this."
9) Looking at where the new place is, and realising it's only about 1.5miles, and thinking, "I could really do this."
10) Thinking about the implications for the AC and thinking if I *should* do this. It's ok to be told that everything will work out, but there are massive implications for him.

I think the potential new job deserves a post of it's own, with the pro's and con's.

I think I need to sew.

Or have a cup of tea.

Or both.

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