Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In which I walk for miles, get lost, and clarify my thoughts.

Oh my word.

It is a standing joke amongst my family that I know my way to Grandma's house from the Texaco garage.

This is not much of a joke until you realise that the Texaco garage is 0.5 miles from their house, and I would have had to negotiate the previous 196 miles!

Today I went to look around another school. There was a vacancy for a Food Tech Teacher at the local Complex Needs School. But as soon as I walked in and met the head, it was not for me. You know how you know what a place is like when you walk in somewhere? Regardless of what is going on? I felt it. I felt the "Nope, not here." but I looked around anyway. There was some great stuff. The sensory room, the soft play, the hydrotherapy pool, they were all great, but the children were huge. This is essentially a secondary post, and with children who have moderate and severe learning difficulties. I like primary children with complex needs. There's a difference.

The head was very positive, encouraged me to apply, offered to have the Food Tech teacher available for me to call, and so on, but I honestly don't think this job is for me, even without the difficulties of caring for the AC. Had I have wanted to do it, then unless the AC could have been cared for properly, I wouldn't have done it anyway - at the end of the day he is my priority, regardless of how much I want to work in schools like this. I think in a couple of years, that there will be an advert for a primary teacher at a special school, and I'll be in like Flynn.

And then I walked back. It was only 2 miles, that's barely 30 mins. But I was over an hour getting home, getting lost, getting rescued by asking people with dogs, traversing housing estates, industrial estates, and finally finding my way by seeing the B&Q through the trees and trying to work out how to get there.

It's all good now though. R ran me a bath, we've talked about the day, I'll talk more with him later, and there is no news from the She-Ex as she is apparently roughing it in the wilderness for a week whilst she learns how to do horse massage. We have a week of no contact, which will be great. BG is left at home with Grandma and hopefully has started the work that was left.

And now I'm so tired and ache so much I'm going to bed.

Night night all. I'll read you in the morning.

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