Sunday, May 3, 2009

Of stitches and cake

I am, it would appear, just an old-fashioned girl, with an old fashioned heart. Unfortunately at this moment in time I don't have an old fashioned millionaire! (I know what would happen if we did win the lottery though!)

I spent some of yesterday asleep - I went back to bed just after blogging yesterday and was still asleep when the phone rang at 0930.

I spent some of yesterday in town - we did the BG's money, we bought birthday cards and arrival cards, we pottered.

I spent some of yesterday cooking - made chocolate chip sponge cakes and shortbread.

I spent some of yesterday tidying - I was right about how much time it took - hardly any, even though I've let it go to finish this quilt.

I spent some of yesterday sewing - I made a sandwich of top, wadding, plain cotton, quilted all three layers just in a border, then put the back and the top right sides together, sewed that round almost all the way on the machine, then slipstitched the last little bit once I had turned it through.

Da dahhhhh!
I know that there are wobbles. Umm. They give it character? It's a rustic thing? Actually, it's the first thing I ever made like this, so actually, I think a few wobbles here and there are not a disaster. Total cost to make, around £10. Total hours, that's harder, but I'd say around 20. I shall take pictures of it later with the Brand New Small Person it is designed to comfort, and post them when we get home.

R has surprise plans for the AC and I for tomorrow, which is ace, he's always doing stuff like that when he can! Today is going to see Ru and F and the Assorted Small Children after church and so on.

The AC is due back at 0930, because I decided to be very kind and offer for him to stay over an extra night at his fathers last night. They had gone to the Flower Parade at Spalding that they go to every year, and every year his father gets them onto a bus at 4.30 to come home, and then they miss the end of the parade, and they aren't back until past the time they should be here and his father gets all stressed about it. As long as he lets me know what's happening, I don't mind so much. Usually, they are back here around 6.45. AC is overtired and stressed by his fathers stressing.

I thought if his father had him for the extra night then he could have a calmer journey back, leave later and see the end of the parade, and life would be much better.

Having not heard from them all day, I phoned around 6.30 to say goodnight, expecting them to still be on the bus.


His father had got the 4.30 bus as usual - still not seeing the end of the parade - and this year they were back at 5.30. The traffic was much better, blah blah blah. Not even a thankyou for the extra night or anything like that. We shall see about next year, oh yes indeed. But then, as long as the AC had a good time, that's what matters to R and I, not scoring stupid points over the ex-partner in a game that from their side, they can never win, and from our side, the game doesn't exist anyway!

There was a bit of that from the She-Ex yesterday, trying to point score, but we ignored those bits. I know she's uptight about the idea of the BG being back a year, but as R and I have no idea where she's got that from, it's probably just her own extrapolation. But if it makes her do some work with BG, that's cool! Now that she is finally spending some time with that gorgeous child, her reading might even progress. They are looking at one word at a time which I suggested 2 years ago. They have a reward system going, which I suggested 2 years ago. More importantly, they are spending time together reading, which is all that the BG needs. Time, focussed attention on a focussed task, and the feeling that what she is doing matters. I really hope this works for her, there's no reason for it not to, but it will need consistency and continuity, so we'll see how it goes.

And so into the rest of the day. It's all looking good!

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