Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sleepy child?

AC has just put himself to bed.

He started his bedtime routine early, asked for computer story on my lap, and by 6.30 was asking about story upstairs. I took him up, we had a couple of stories, lay in his bed and chatted, and by 7pm I was down again, a good 45 mins earlier than usual.

He's had a hectic day in some ways though, and R being in and out all day is unsettling him. But this is it for a few weeks, and then after a week of earlies this week we should be into a few weeks of normal.

R went into town this morning to go and get his hair cut and try and send the money to the She-Ex, but Western Union was down in First Choice, so nothing doing. He tried. He'll try again tomorrow. Never mind. He didn't get his hair cut either. He did, however come back with a package for the AC, of Dad's Army DVD's that AC has been asking about.

Got to love him.

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