Wednesday, June 10, 2009


... I went upstairs and crashed out completely after thinking how great life is.

I spend a few hours working in the morning.
I spend an hour or so with the AC
We walk to school together, chatting on the way.
After a little while at school, we go our separate ways
I see him at lunchtime.
I got told that I should have a point and extra case for what I do for ICT and that someone else is going to sort it out for me. And that my subject has made the most progress in children's attainment in the last year!
I see the AC at hometime.
Yesterday, he went home with his Daddy (least said, soonest mended!)
I did a very successful training meeting, training some lovely people.
I walked home
The lovely man had been home all day.
He ran me a bath.
He cooked tea.
He cleared up tea.
We chatted for a while.
I sewed some log cabin blocks.
We chatted some more.
I had some information (without evidence, but the written words were there) from the She-Ex.
We chatted some more.
I went to bed.
He came up a little later.

Life is good.

There was nothing seriously bad, nothing seriously irritating (ok, well, one thing, but I'm getting over it now!) and a couple of things that were seriously supportive and nice.

Life is good!

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