Thursday, June 11, 2009

Productive day!

Yesterday was a productive day.

We did Numeracy (mostly outside, went back in to weigh things and the prospective heads turned up! Ah well) Literacy (puppet shows!) and Science (Food chains). Then I went home to write more accursed reports.

Actually, they weren't too bad. It took me 1.5 hours to get through to Tesco about the vouchers. I'm going to sit in a minute and look at the site and see what we can order. Lots of it looks lovely, but I want the input from the others.

AC had his first Junior class yesterday. Apparently he was upset about coming straight back here (he didn't look it!) and so I think R and I will be picking him up each Wednesday now. We'll see. It was nice on Monday not to have Lil' Dragons and just to come home, cook a nice meal for the boys instead of takeout, and spend time as a family. We never seem to tire of it.

Speaking of family. R was able to phone BG last night, but she was "busy" doing something. That's cool, she's 7, they are quite often busy doing something (he thought she was peeling carrots, but again, she wasn't really speaking to him) at 7, but would it kill one of the adults there to explain to him on the phone? The trouble is priorities again. We have different priorities to their household, and AC's relationship with his father has always been one of our top ones. We taught him at an early age not to have the tv on when he was on the phone to his father, to speak clearly, and when we knew phonecalls were happening we made sure we had chatted about at least one thing he could tell his father. I keep trying to tell myself that different is just different, not necessarily bad, but this is a hard one for that.

The He-Ex was supposed to be getting the AC a t-shirt yesterday when he went into town to pay the maintainance (9 days late again! Good job we both work and don't have to rely on it!) and somehow he didn't get it, but he's going back later today for it? *confused!* If he saw it, why not get it? Ah well.

I completed 8 logcabin blocks yesterday. I might even treat myself to a 6" square ruler to help with the squaring up, but we'll see. That's now 12 in total. Just keeping on, keeping on!

This morning it's Tesco voucher shopping. We have collected around about 30,000 I think. We take our voucher collecting seriously! I'll make a short list of things to spend them on and let the children choose from school.

I went to bed early in the end last night, feeling very dodgy in the stomach area. Still feel sickish this morning. Not like I will *actually* be sick, but just nauseous. Lovely!

Laters lovely people!

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