Sunday, June 7, 2009

And it was lovely!

Having a positive mental attitude made a difference yesterday!

A big difference. I (and lots of other people!) should enforce it upon ourselves more often!

I ended up going back to R in bed and not getting up until around 10. Personally, I think that makes a huge difference :-) Endorphins rock. More endorphins has to be a good thing.

We went to town, pottered about, got the AC's birthday presents, got some cards, picked up a few extra bits and came home. And then R sorted the dining room ready for playing, I made cakes and biscuits and sorted some bits in the kitchen.

We snuggled on the sofa and chatted for a while. My parents came over and then the AC came home. He was slightly confused by my parents presents, because he had those first.

a small green padded bag.

Then he opened our presents to him. Everything was inside a dicebag that I had made for him from red cordroy, with a purple cord drawstring. He knew it was a dicebag, and I'd wrapped the things inside individually. Interestingly enough he ignored the box and two little flat packages and opened the knobbly package first, which was what he thought it was - a Chessex pound o' dice from SquashGoblin. Then he opened the flat ones, which were a mini "Where's Wally?" book and a little square of plastic.

Then he opened the box, and it was a digital camera, so that *he* can take lots of pictures and we will show him how to upload them and send them to his father, and that will be a good way to increase what *he* has control over that he can send his father. It wasn't an expensive one, but it will keep him going.

We had a nice evening gaming, and then went to bed.

It was a lovely day after all!

I am ignoring the Ex's who are both niggling for something, no idea what. The He-Ex hasn't put the AC's money in the bank yet, but I don't usually expect it until after the weekend following him being paid, although as he isn't working I see no reason why it can't go in the day he gets paid! The She-Ex sent the same email saying they were going back to a home phone to my web address and both our home addresses with a snotty comment about there being "no miss communication (sic)" but with no information about BG's reading, what she's been up to, what her plans for the weekend are and so on. I asked for the reading info, and, as usual, heard nothing. So I feel like saying "If you aren't doing it, that's fine, just stop wasting so much of my time." but I know she'll try and twist it into that I said BG was wasting my time, and that child could never, ever, waste my time! She's adorable.

So yeah. Church notices and off to curl up with the child for a while. I love my 6 year old!

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