Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dealing with emotions

After that post was written I found R had run me a bath, with bubbles and everything lol! I got in, and R came in and we chatted. He was concerned because I'd been fine, and then I wasn't. I talked to him, and we talked over how, basically, "knowing" what it was like there, and "seeing" what it was like there, were two different things. He grokked it in the end, to a fullness. He loves me, and so he wants to understand. I love him, and so I want to find the words he needs for me to be able to let him understand.

This time of year is difficult for any teacher and their family. End of term (5 weeks now!) means reports, broken routines, sports days, trips, new class lists, and to tie that in with a change in head teacher, the large amount of our teachers who are leaving and so on, means that life can be tricky. Add to the mix that yesterday the AC had his class assembly, his birthday party is tomorrow, (and I'm making his cake today (possibly 2) and the mix becomes even more interesting. Drop in the behaviours of the Ex's, and it's a wonder we find any time for ourselves.

But like I said yesterday, I am withdrawing to these four walls slightly. That meant last night I didn't work, I spent time with and on my man. I cared for him, he cared for me, we snuggled and cuddled and stuff, and reaffirmed our connection on the deeper level again. We know it's there, we rely on it, but sometimes it just needs reaffirming, in as many ways as possible.

And that's fun!


Moving on......

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