Saturday, June 13, 2009


Here is today's post.

Two letters from E.On, one saying they are going to up the direct debit, (I think not!) and one saying that they have been estimating my bill again.

I phoned and pointed out I had let two men into my house in April to meter read, and if they weren't meter readers then who were they, and if they were meter readers then where were the readings?

I am expecting a call back on Monday apparently. Ho hum.
This was not the exciting post.

Then I got this, which is the Landrover Owners magazine. This is the back of it as the address for the house is on the front.
This is an very good magazine, I enjoy it a lot, but was it the exciting post? Nope.

Then I got a parcel with a US postmark. $5.14 to send. Not much. Not a tremendously big parcel, but big enough to be a Fathers Day card and a few pictures.

However, it was not. The senders address was the wrong one. (although it's good to know the US postal service is working well!)

Was this the exciting post?

I snipped open the top.....
Pretty packaging! And YES! This WAS the exciting post!

I did try and open the package gently, but no luck - the tissue paper tore.

Lovely, labelled, reusable pads, from Essence of Eve, which I won in a giveaway from Semi-Organised Mom.

The bag lining is waterproof and poppers in and out, which is great as it can be washed. It also means that it won't look out of place in my usual bags which are now all hand made and bright and quilted and so on.

What a lovely start to the day!

Thankyou Semi-Organized Mom, Thankyou lovely lady from Essence of Eve, thankyou happy postman.

R and I have discussed how he thinks it's a slightly bizarre idea, but if it's what I want to do then he will support me 100%, as usual.

Life is good!

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Semi-Organized Mom said...

Those pads are absolutely beautiful.

I love how Essence of Eve packages her products. I've never seen them labeled like that. Too cute!! I love the bag, too. I've never purchased one, but I will now. I love how it snaps in and out. Very practical!

I hereby welcome you into the wonderful world of cloth! YIPPEE!!

I also want to give a huge shout out to "R" for being an understanding guy and willing to overlook the bizarre factor for your comfort. :) Hip Hip Horray!