Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fathers Days....

2006 - "I'm sending it to you don't have to worry about BGs Fathers...Fathers day...since she's such an inconvienance to your life" (sic)

It never arrived.

2007 - "and yes she understoodthat..and saw the card we had made (i think it came out really good..what do you think))"

A set of 3 photos were wedged together and sent via email. I printed it out at school, Mrs B backed and laminated it. I bought the presents.

2008 - "he made no effort for mothers day, so no effort will be returned"

It never was explained what he should do about helping his daughter choose a present for Mothers Day from this distance. And although there was going to be a parcel for when he got back from Working Abroad, it was eaten by customs apparently.

2009 - "it's been two weeks guys should have it by now" Apparently it's a card.

And it's still not here.

But at least if I moan about it on here, I get rid of the emotion without upsetting anyone!

And the pads arrived last week, posted on the same day as the card, by a bizarre coincidence, so I know the US Postal Service is working lol!

It had better be, we're sending BG's parcel this next week. We've given up on getting the thing she was asking for - we think it might be US only. So we're getting something else!

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