Sunday, June 28, 2009

Firm but fair

There has just been a brief email exchange between the She-Ex and I. She's very attacking today, and rather than get angry, I prayed, and then was able to answer her firmly, but kindly and fairly. She provided several things that could have provoked an argument (like the fact apparently we've told her off for going to places without a phone signal - she was planning to go up a mountain on Fathers Day, I think that is a little different to going to Surrey where one would expect there to be a signal! Mind you, she might mean another time, who knows!) and I refused to argue with her, pointing out that I was not going to row, and that the only thing she had emailed about his going away was whether she was going to get her money. We answered that, and she didn't ask a single thing else!

So now she's shushed again. Back to normal service people, nothing to see here.

Thank goodness for prayers answered.

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