Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today was the Adorable Child's birthday party. It was a glorious day.

We made biscuits together, we went to church and then iced them after church.
I made a square cake, then cut it up and reassembled it to be a lightsabre. R made me a cakeboard for it as nothing we had was big enough.

The AC LOVED it! Hurray!

He loved the homemade biscuits, he loved the cornflake cakes, he loved the birthday cake. He liked it becuase no-one else had one like his, and they "never EVER could!" I am his best Mummy, and R is his best R, and Daddy is his best Daddy and he loves us "ALL - a LOT. Nobody more than anyone else! I have a lot of love to give Mummy because I get a lot of love!!"

The children had a great time playing in the gym, the coaches ran some games for them, (I ran a lot helping Emily who is only 2) and the big children looked after the little children and it was a lovely time.

My brother and his wife came back after the party to ours, and the children played upstairs. Just after they get here and were looking at the fish and so on, the baby (Lilly) started to cry. R was straight there to pick her up, talked to her, cuddled her til she settled. He was so lovely. He held her whilst I got a couple of pictures, but I'll not put them up anywhere. I wouldn't want to hurt the BG or the She-Ex.

There's lots I'd like to say about the whole situation at the moment, but today is not the day for it. Today is a day for loving our son, and relaxing with each other at the end of a great weekend.

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