Friday, June 12, 2009

Peace and calm

There are days when I struggle to hang on to the sense of peace and calmness that I need. Yesterday was one of them, and far worse for R than for me, but only because he is so helpful and lovely.

He drove us to school.
He drove home to collect something I had forgotten.
He came back to school to find me stood by Mandy's car, and her car with a flat tyre.
He drove home, collected the big jack, changed his clothes.
He came back to school and changed the tyre, for which Mandy loves him.
He drove home, cleaned up, and went to Headteacher interviews for a 9am start.

The new headteacher was chosen yesterday.

True to his word, he hasn't discussed it with me in any detail, other than to say it all went well and one had been chosen. The last thing we all needed was to have to readvertise. I will find out what happened today, with everyone else, at the briefing.

Well, I say at the briefing, but I expect the grapevine will know before then lol!

I had a good day, but I'll fill it in later. It was good, just busy.

I have to get a scoot on now though, as it's getting late!

to blog later
*my student
*my busy weighing lesson
*Wii Fit
*phonecall from the She-Ex
*conclusions drawn from bathing.
*photos of blocks completed.

Laters people

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