Saturday, June 20, 2009


I was not fond of yesterday in several places.

My not-me-monday should be a blast. No, really!

I'll be home to do it and not at school because...... because......



had it confirmed by the doctor.........

I have chickenpox!

(It's ok to laugh - that was what I did a lot of yesterday, because this is ridiculous.)

Ladies and gents, my day was a dooozy of a day. I have chickenpox. Not many at the moment although my skin itches like A Very Itchy Thing but enough to keep me off school on Monday. If I get more, it'll be Tuesday and so on.

Doc was very lovely, very helpful, very funny.

And today, it changes what I have to do.

I will still go into town to pick up the BG's Father's Day present, as the card has still mysteriously not arrived. There has been no emailed photo of some words to go in a card from here either, so there won't be a card for him tomorrow unless that happens. How hard is it to take a photo and send it? Not very - we do it all the time! I said I would do it and so I will, because a person with integrity does what they say they will, and I am determined to maintain some integrity over all of this stupidness with the She-Ex again. I suspect it's because something has gone wrong in her life and she sees us as an easy target for venting her frustrations. It used to make me want to yell "Grow up!" but I've given up on that and now I patiently wait for it to be over and her to return to the nice person that she is.

I'm just tired and itchy. R is not impressed with what happened yesterday either.

He laughed a lot about the chickenpox, after he could see I thought it was funny too! We chatted a bit last night, and it was good to reaffirm that he has the same desires I do for our future. Relationships need that. I need that. He needs that.

And now, report writing and scratching, in equal measure.

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