Saturday, June 20, 2009

Time for bed.

WARNING : Tired, ill, elements of snippyness (snippiness?) may appear.....

I've stayed up til this late waiting for the She-Ex to send something from the BG. I wanted to get it all prepped tonight so that tomorrow we just had to put it all together. I wanted to know that everything was ready to go, because I am feeling more and more floaty.

I guess not. (Oops. Snippy)

It looks like I'll be doing a fast bodge job first thing in the morning. There's no reply to the emails, no nothing. (snippier! Pack it in!)

I feel like I'm being really demanding, so I haven't emailed or anything, I just waited up til midnight. (see, that sounds snippy! ARGH!)

Bedtime, before I say something she moans about (and if it's on here, I have the right to say it - it's MY BLOG!)

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