Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The AC's report.

I sent a letter to the teacher of the AC today thanking her for a marvellous year of progress for the AC, and asking her to thank the leader of the intervention group that he went to for 16 weeks which really turned his writing around.

Grades wise, he should be getting around a 1b at his level.

Maths - 1b
English - 1c (slightly below, he's still catching up the writing, but we know his reading and comprehension age is around 2 years ahead)
Science - 1a (slightly above)
ICT - 1b

But that wasn't the important bit. For me, the important bits are that for his effort grades (which are Poor - Satisfactory - Good - Very Good - Excellent) he received 5 Goods and 6 Very Goods. That means he's trying hard, and I can't ask more of my son than that.

His personal comment at the end was wonderful as well.

It started off with :

"AC is a happy, polite, popular, caring and well behaved child. AC relates well with adults and his peers and he respects and follows the school rules, and is aware of, and can usually resist, inappropriate peer influence. AC has a positive attitude towards his work."

I won't type the whole thing lol, but it said that he had tried hard with his self organisation, and with his handwriting and letter formation, and "the presentation of his work is steadily improving."

All we've ever asked of him is that he tries hard and does the things he is asked to do. Because of that attitude, because of the work ethic he is growing up amongst, because of how important it is that he is a useful member of society, not a drain or a disgrace, even at his age, he has understood that he has a role to play in a wider society, that whilst he is the centre of my universe he is not the centre of the entire universe, and that is a good thing for him to know.
Working with the school on the intervention for his writing has headed off any potential disaffection at the pass, meaning that he is enthused and working at his own level again, rather than being angry for feeling frustrated at being behind.

His teacher is pleased, his Head teacher is pleased, and we are pleased.

More importantly, *he* is proud of himself, and has asked that we do some practice of his writing over the holidays so he can go back to school with it sorted out.

That's our boy.

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