Thursday, July 2, 2009

Don't blame it on the sunshine....

.... no, don't worry, it's not some Michael Jackson tribute.

Yes, I'm sad for his children that they will grow up fatherless - no child would want that.
Yes, I'm sad for his mother that she has lost her son.
Am I traumatised because the "King of Pop" has died? Nope. He wasn't the King of Pop for me, and I didn't like a lot of his music. I know that's practically blasphemy these days, but there we go.

Nope, not Michael Jackson, but weather.

We're currently running 26degC days here. I suppose that's around 78-80 deg F, in the shade. It's hot. And we're English. The English like to talk about weather. It's very hot. And due to rain on Friday.

Friday. As in tomorrow. Now that will be lovely, except for one minor thing. We shall be in Thetford Forest on school trip. Potentially in thunderstorms. Are we dismayed? NOPE!

Are we tired and achy already and haven't even done the Thetford Trip? Oh yeah! lol. Never mind. The children love it, and usually I love going, it's just the left over chicken pox stuff that's getting me. It's all good. Really.

This week is a weird week in many ways. Four years ago it marked the start of the difficult times for R and I with our ex's, but in a way marked the start of our releases from the poisonous relationships we were in. But four years later, we're both very happy, and work hard on *this* relationship to never let it get rotten like those ones did.

And let's face it, as the She-Ex put it "Apart from R not having BG, your lives are pretty damn spiffy!" (Still never had an apology for that piece of crass compassionless inhumanity.

We do have good lives, except he's away right now, and I want him home. I *want* him home! But I have had texts and so on, and told him everything here is fine and so on. What else is there to tell him? lol.

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