Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Heroes welcome.

I got one.

I got into school, and the children were so glad to see me, it was such a joy. Hugs and so on. Lovely.

Then more for numeracy. Then more for literacy.


All fabulous.

We went up to town at 11am for the Freedom of the Borough Parade. It was, as usual, amazing, and very moving. We loved it. The children loved it, and if the person was in a RAF uniform they clapped them. Any of them. All of them. Including visiting dignitaries. And on the whole, the VIP's loved it and waved to the children. We were complimented on how well they behaved as well. None of my children saw them as just a "monkey in a suit". They saw the value and the bravery.

AC came with us, and was so proud. He was also interviewed for Radio Norfolk. And I was interviewed by BBC TV! LOL.

What else.

I don't know.

Too tired lol.

We got his report, of which more later. (But we're very, very pleased!)

I broke up a fight at school and marched the children in and then realised they were bigger than me! (They hadn't realised though, so that was ok!)

I had to do new intake parents evening as well.

It's all good, but now I am soooooooooooooo tired.

Going to bed.

love you all.


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