Friday, July 24, 2009

First week complete.

And there we are.

This time last week, we headed off to bed. He checked the AC because he went up first, and covered him up. We undressed, and we lay next to each other, his leg over my leg, holding hands, chatting quietly about stuff.

He whispered "Good night my darling" in the way he always did, whether he thought I was asleep or not, and we dozed off, secure in each other and our love.

It was normal, for us. We had both lost so much before, both so determined not to lose it again, that we made sure we didn't. We worked hard on what we had. The only thing we didn't see coming was Friday morning. And who would?

Today has been a real kick in the stomach day in places, with things I have been told. Today has also been a fabulous day, with things I have been told, and things we have done.

AC and I got the bus over to see Mum and Dad. As we left the house, both feeling very sombre, we heard a tune. It was like an icecream van type music (you know, the stuff they only play when they have run out.....) and it was playing "Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler?". Dear Readers who have vast brains and good memories, will remember that not so long ago, R bought the AC the boxed set of Dad's Army, for which that is the theme tune. Coincidence? Not sure I believe in them really.

But it made the boy smile, and it brightened our start to our day.

Tomorrow will be stinking hard, but it will be the first Friday that we have to do, and there are hundreds ahead of us. At least we have no guilt, nothing extra we could have done to make his life better. We did our part, and I am so glad, because if we hadn't, life would be unbearable because now it would be too late, and sorry really wouldn't cut it any more.

He loves us. We love him. I was just told by someone he spoke to online a lot that he said we completed him, that he belonged and was truely happy for the first time ever, and in a way he didn't think existed.

Job done.

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