Friday, July 24, 2009

This time last week....

.... today is already full of "This time last week....."

0620 This time last week I had just gone up to get him up. He was lying in bed, and awake but dozing. His hand came up over the covers and waved at me. Just like then, AC was still asleep. We had a murmured conversation about the day ahead, then I went down to make a cup of tea for him.

It was the little things that we did that were good. Making cups of tea for him, making his lunch in the mornings, those things. When he went away I would put postit notes in his bag, with "I love you" and "RH <3 SC 4ever" and "You're so gorgeous!" and "You make me smile."

Today I have lots to do. Parents at 10. Bank at 11. RAF at 2pm. The RAF are being brilliant and so very supportive towards AC and I as his family.

0633 This time last week he came down the stairs, looking like he'd been dragged through a hedge backwards, and with the two lines that he always got on his face from sleeping in the way he did. He waved at the AC - neither of them really speak in the mornings, and went to the shower.

I pottered about, doing spots of this and that. Talking to Sian on the messenger about the project the three boys are doing together long distance. Getting AC sorted. Chatting about the cup he had won the day before, and how proud we both were of him, how hard he was working, how much his behaviour was a good representation of us and of school.

It was last day of school, and Payday. We'd sailed a little close to the wire this month, and Payday was a welcome relief.

0657 R was out of the shower by now and on his way upstairs. The weather was much as it is today, but greyer. There was a smattering of rain and he was deciding what vehicle to take. He made a suggestive comment to me, and I made one to him. (He was just out of the shower after all!)

0705 He came downstairs in his leathers. I remember saying "Oh, decision made then?" and him sying "Yeah, I can always dry them out at work." He got himself sorted out, whilst *not* be distracted by whatever skateboarding programme the child was watching. We talked about what he was going to say to the She-Ex that night, if he got chance.

0710 He came to me with his helmet on, and kissed me, said he loved me and he'd see me later. I told him I loved him, and I'd see him in a bit. He turned to the child and said "See you later smelly" and the child waved another peculiar wave at him, and said "Bye bye"

0712 We stood on the step, the child and I, and waved him off. He half turned and waved at us as he pulled away. I watched him over the bridge, then went in and got ready for the last day of school.

And that was it. Our last morning. Typed in real time here.

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