Monday, July 6, 2009


I am not in the best of moods.

I have had a lovely day with the lovely children, and I mean that in all senses. They are adorable, fabulous people, and I will miss them like mad.

I then ran a staff meeting for a staff who are over worked, over stressed, over tired, and had to teach them new things. This went well in some quarters, not so in others.

I then came home to a letter from Lloyds saying I was in arrears!

I most certainly am not! I phoned, and oh yes, there we are, wrong letter, sorry madam.

I am going to have a LARGE cup of tea. And biscuits. And read the quilt magazine again.

I might go on WoW.

I might put on the tv and be amazed at other peoples lives and feel better because actually, I *do* know who my baby's father is, it's not from a short list of 5, and he is being raised wonderfully.

Cross me at your peril tonight people. Fair warning given!

LOL! (see, the crossness is wearing off already - I am so bad at this!)

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