Monday, July 6, 2009

Is life too short to pair socks?

I have a large basket of socks that needs pairing. And I mean LARGE!

It's massive.

In a while, I will sit down and pair socks in the quiet of the morning, in the peaceful bit before the world gets up around me. I will check the emails (putting it off after yesterdays "peculiarities!") I will check BBC weather forecast, I will pootle through a couple of blogs that update late at nights US time. I will potter around, just being me.

In this time of the morning, I cannot sew, the machine will wake the child, and besides, I need time and thought to sew, not something I have acres of first thing in the morning. I cannot bake, I cannot empty the dishwasher as that *will* wake the child, and he needs all the sleep he can get.

Around 6am I will have my shower, and wake R for his, and in small domesticity, our lives will continue.

We are a very domestic family. But not mundane. I was talking to friends of ours who do SCA, and if you aren't an SCA person then you are generously referred to as "mundane", and she said yes, we were in that sense, but in no other way was our family mundane!

Domestic things figure quite highly on our lists of things to do. You know what it's like with a house, there is always something that needs doing. R is not such a big person for domesticity as me, but he likes to do his bit and especially when I'm ill, which is what he considers me to be at the moment. He works in flurries, and in a short space of time he'll do 10 things, and then that's him done for a while. Yesterday, in the space of about 20 minutes he did the cats box, cleaned the kitchen, emptied and refilled the dishwasher, made a cup of tea, loaded the washing machine and tumbler, and made the AC some juice. I would have taken longer to do all those things, which were the things that needed doing, because I would have read a bit of something, checked for an email from the SEN company, talked to the boy about something, forgotten I was changing the cat litter and started cleaning the bath, that kind of thing.

But everything gets done eventually in this house. The house is never dirty and disgusting. It's often "lived in" and verging on messy, and upstairs is probably more than verging right now, but it's nearly the holidays, and I have to choose where to spend my energies at the moment.

So I should pair socks. I don't pair mine, I just put two together. I pair R's and the AC's, because R has to for work, and the AC's father throws a fit if I don't, even though the AC says that the socks don't have to be pairs and it doesn't matter to him. He likes to chose two socks that have something in common - a colour, a word, a vehicle, whatever, and then I have to guess why!

What else was I going to write about?

I can't remember. It's the tiredness lol.

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