Monday, July 13, 2009

Morning world!

It's going to be an odd kind of day I think.

Apparently, I have my well-being morning this morning, which means that I don't have to go to school until 1.15 today. Obviously I will have to take the AC, but apparently that's it. Hmmm.

1.15 will be register and then ICT, then assembly, then home.

Not exactly the worlds most taxing day, and tbh, exactly what I need. I am shattered after yesterday.

Thankfully, R and BG had a most excellent phonecall with lots of laughter. As usual we had come back from a glorious day out, and he had really enjoyed himself, and enjoyed us enjoying ourselves, and was loving the fact that he had arranged it all in secret, but underlying everything was the sense of loss caused by the BG not being able to enjoy it too. It's that kind of thing that makes the "Apart from" comment the other week so callous, insensitive and plain stupid. Yes we had a brilliant day, and we'll go again, but the sense of missingness, the BG sized gap, pervades every part of our lives. To assume that we could be utterly happy without her, just shows how much value is placed on the relationship, parent to child.

Oh well. Different values and priorities I suppose.

Anyway, they did have a good call - we had phoned at the usual time and there was no one in, so we just stayed up until there was. We had no information as to when there would be a phonecall but we are patient people. Oh yes indeed.

I will do a photo post later this morning. I was up at 4am with the AC who had a bad dream :-(

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