Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quiet evening, complex day.

Yesterday was easy in so many ways, and complicated in so many ways. Once again I was amazed by the insensitivity of the She-Ex - I have to believe it is insensitivity, because I have to believe she is a nice person inside and wouldn't have sent the BG to the movies (with someone else) at the time her father always calls and not even email to say. Or even email this morning to say how she got on and if she had a good time and so on. I know the blog is unregarded, but there we go. One day she will see that one, and this one, if she wants to.

Yesterday was lovely in many ways - we did numeracy, literacy, then Mrs Y my TA said that a local historical attraction was open - I gathered 3 adults and off we went! It was fabulous, and definitely something to look at. We're going to spend time there with the kiddies next term, do some rubbings and some writing and so on.

Then it was my PPA in which I wrote a letter to a child's parents, saying that I know they didn't like his report, I didn't like writing it, but facts are facts. Sorry.

What else? I had a series of discussions with my Deputy Headteacher who was concinced I was arguing against him, when, by the end of it, he could see that if he'd listened in the first place, I was just presenting the facts for 2 options, one of which was the one he wanted!

And then I came home, and my friend was sad so I was on the phone for a long while with her, cleaned the house, downstairs whilst on the phone and so on.

Watched Torchwood.

Went to bed.

Night night lol!

Today should be swimming, literacy (Look and Read), finishing thankyou letters, then lunch, then sports day. IF the weather holds out, which is looking increasingly doubtful!

I shall update as the day progresses!

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