Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Already 2pm on Wednesday?

How come?

Well, Anna came round with her two little ones, (little? They are 6 and 8) and Ian-the-Policeman came round to collect the letters, and he thinks that they are fine.

And I've vegged a bit, and discussed MP3 players with my brother, on the grounds that Father Christmas might bring the AC one this year. Or me one a bit sooner..... The AC has one now, and uses it a LOT, but it's not got a lot of room on it, so a bigger one would be better for him I think.

I've had such a lovely email from some relatives of Rich's, that I cried. They are such lovely, lovely people.

And yeah, that's been my day really.

I must eat, put some bread in, and so on, and start naming clothes for school.

How's your day going?

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