Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The end of Tuesday

Well, I got to the end of Tuesday.

Joe the cat is on antibiotics. :-( The whole vet bill was about £25, which is ok, and will be just fine. He has 1/4 a tablet 2x a day.

I have had post, which I have deposited in the SEP field. All is well there.

I have had a friend round, which has been lovely, and she said some very sweet things, including that she had never heard me say a bad word about Rich. Not ever. She wishes she and her husband had the relationship we had.

I have eaten fusion cuisine. I had sausage gravy in the freezer. I made nuclear rice, mixed it in, called it risotto and plonked grated cheese on top. Yummy! It's a mix of American and Italian, see!

Lilly's quilt has been published in the magazine! A national magazine has put in my letter and picture because they liked what I made. And it got star letter, which means I gets a prize! Woo!

Life is ok you know.

There's a picture on my desktop right now, of the AC and Rich at the Landrover show last year, just playing about.

Rich was throwing the AC around, and the AC was loving it, as you can tell.

Happy days.

They played together a lot like that. They loved each other unconditionally, and without end. They played, they talked, they laughed, they told jokes, they gamed, they did it all together, as part of our family.

It's the family side of things I miss tonight. I miss him being sat behind me, talking over our week, planning where to take the AC at the weekend, chatting about the visit to Wales, just being together.

We talked about everything. It was the key to what made us great. To why I never said a bad word about him - because I never had to.

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