Monday, September 14, 2009

9 million tons of work...

.... but at least it's a job and I'm not dependent on handouts from anyone!

And I have good friends who text me. I have a family who love me.

I am getting over my irritation with ignorant parents.

I am answering more questions with the child about the BG with "Well, one day we'll know!" in the hope that one day we will.

Next door have been round to offer to clear the tree thing.

Alfie Bravo (the eldest of Ru's tribe) had his first day at school today. We phoned him. He loved it. He's so lovely.

I miss Rich. But tonight, I can feel him here. I think that's why I keep expecting him home the last couple of days. He's home again for a while. Regardless of what they did with him, he's home. Nothing can separate us until we are ready. That's a cool feeling.

It's all good.

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