Thursday, September 10, 2009

Difficult day really

Yesterday was a difficult day.

I broke glass, the AC was upset at school about Rich, I was upset at school about Rich, the children are getting noisy, and I can deal with that, it's just one more thing to do lol!

I haven't heard from I-t-B about the 20th, but as far as I know it's still on, and I'm still going.

I found the leaflet for Rich's birthday present yesterday. He was going to go on a blacksmithing course. :-(

The She-Ex is trying to start on me, for reasons best known to her, but probably because she is in a foul mood about something and is just being unkind and horrible. Sometimes she is utterly awful. Mostly, she's ok. Occasionally, she's nice. Apparently I have to tell my friends to leave her "the hell alone."

Oh get real She-Ex! She won't provide specifics, probably because she can't, and so it's just attention seeking. Apparently she gives me my space - reeeeaaaaalllllyyyy?

She'll get over it in the end. She hasn't replied to my last email, so *shrug* I don't have the energy to care. I don't have the need to care really! I will always, always love the BG, but her mother? Yes, I care about her as a person, but as a friend, she is a weight off my mind now, because lets face it - she was not the nicest of people to me. Telling me it was all my fault there was no will, no life insurance on 10th August, when Rich hadn't been gone 3 weeks? Yes, she's all about the money after all it would seem.

But *my* friends are the mean ones. Says she. Most of them have no idea how to contact her. The rest wouldn't bother.

Oh well

Shower. Work. So on.

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