Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Payer for the bereaved.

Lord, the trouble about life just now is that I seem to ahve all the things which don't matter and to have lost all of the things which do matter. I have life; I have money to live on; I have plenty to occupy me; but I am alone, and sometimes I feel that nothing can make up for that.

Loed, compel me to see the meaning of my faith. Make me believe that I have a hope as well as a memory, that the unseen cloud of witness is around me and and that you meant it when you said you would always be with me.

Make me realise that as long as you leave me here, there is something I am meant to do, and, in doing it, help me to find the comfort and courage I need to go on.

Through Jesus my Lord and Master, Amen

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