Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tucked up in memories

I'm at my parents house, blogging from my phone, It'll be short and full of typos I expect.

That's ok. I know lots of people who are short and full of typos.

I go back to school tomorrow. Friday is Friday and should be a good day. Well, inasmuch as these days can be good. Then the weekend. Then Monday is school routine and the new normal develops again.

It'll be fine. Everything is peaceful and should be left that way. There have been no possession demands in terms of specific items, there has been no contact at all in fact, and whilst I would enjoy knowing how the BG is, I can wait. This is nothing new for me in that sense.

Today will be a day of waiting, sorting and preparing. There are many fights to be fought in the oncoming year, and whilst I shall probably do what I usually do - smile, nod, get on with what I was going to do anyway - it will be harder without Rich's backup, his understanding and his support. He loves my job as much as I do. He was proud of me for standing up, for not just giving in when life got hard, but taking the system on.

That's what will keep me going through the first hard bit.

Miss him though. Miss him so much.

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