Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have just dreamt of Rich, properly, for the first time.

I sent AC upstairs to get something, and we were going out, and suddenly Rich is coming down the stairs asking if I know where his t-shirt is.

I faint. (Yes, in my dream!)

It turns out that he's been hiding in the loft all this time, for some reason best known to dreamworld, but the RAF did know about it, and it was some kind of exercise, and so that's why they went ahead with the funeral and so on, and because everyone thinks he's dead we can start a new life somewhere, away from his family, the She-Ex, everything, doing this stuff for the RAF.

We kissed.

A lot.


He was always a Very Good Kisser who liked lots of kissing, in all it's various forms. I think that dream explored a lot of them.

Then AC and I went shopping, and came home to him, as normal.

Then I woke up.

Am I happy? Kind of. Am I sad? Yeah. Am I confident it was just a dream - absolutely, don't worry folks!

But it was cool.

Shower time!

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