Monday, October 5, 2009


There's lots of stuff here that I have to sort through. I haven't even unloaded the car from the last time Rich used it.

When I type it, it sounds so silly, but it doesn't feel it.

There's a lot of clothes on the bed too. For now, they'll go in the ottoman, until I think what to do with them.

There's a box of shoes, a bag of socks and pants, and all kinds of other bits and pieces, let alone actual items.

There's just life. There's just our lives, all around me, and I have to make it back to my life again.

And I should start soon. No-one else is interested or has said what they want or need, so it's up to me.

I'll find a way - I have a gorgeous son to carve a new life for.

I just wish I wasn't having to do this, that's all. Just wish he was home.

It should be about now, and it never will be.

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Chef Penny said...

Get to the stuff when you feel up to it. It can all wait and is a job that will be difficult to say the least. Take it slow and do a little bit at a time. ((((hugs)))))) Penny