Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sucessful morning!

It's 6.22am

So far there is a casserole in the slow cooker, bread in the bread maker, the child is showered and ready to dress, I've had a cup of tea and the animals are fed.

That's not bad.

I'm thinking about whether I should email people today to say that I'm going to be starting to sort stuff out. And I'm thinking, if they wanted things, they would have said. All I've had from either of the people I would be mailing is that they want "things" and a specific request for something I don't think we have from I-t-B. Obviously if I find it, he can have it. It's probably in a box in the loft though, where we found more stuff that had come from the Swamp-Pit. Rich and I were going to go through it all, empty the loft, and look at putting a Velux window in there and using it for gaming. Now, I think I'll just bin the lot tbh. She-Ex said she had taken everything she needed from England when she left, so *shrug* I don't need any of it. Obviously there are things I think BG might like, and things I *know* he wanted her to have, but aside from that, I shall do with it as takes me at the time.

I don't want to open any cans of worms, which I will if I email them, but I don't want them to feel excluded, which they will if I don't. Answers on a postcard please? I'm not strong enough to deal with the hatred that will come from the She-Ex. Right now, the AC and I are so vulnerable, we'd give in to all sorts that we didn't want to, and importantly, we don't have to and we shouldn't.

But like I used to say to Rich, it's just stuff.


Some things are not just stuff, and will not be leaving this house because they were special to us, to me, were an integral part of him and of our lives.

I did start on socks and pants last night. *sigh* Sad, but I don't need to keep his old pants, so it was an easy drawer to start on!

Right, shower, dress child, dress me, do Harvest box, find watering can for school, pack bags, sort animals for the day, go to school!

Game face on!

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Chef Penny said...

Good for you!!!!! I say if there was something that she wanted then she should have spoken up. Don't subject yourself to anymore pain than necessary. Praying that God will reveal the right answer to you. ((((hugs)))))