Wednesday, November 25, 2009

enough is too much already.

I am tired of dealing with HER debt.

TIRED of it.

Tired of having to explain to debt collection agencies that he has died, that she is in the States and whilst she so badly wants the "my-husband-the-tragic-war-hero-give-me-the-flag-and-medals" stuff, the "I'm-next-of-kin-give-me-the-money" side of it all, she wants nothing to do with clearing up the crap.

Tired of justifying myself to strangers, because if I don't justify my position, I can't even talk to them and the letters will keep coming.

I bet she's loving all this.  I bet she is.

And I know when I calm down I'll be ok, but right now, this is just not fair.  She hated him, and she gets everything she wanted.

I love him, and all I want is him back, and not to have to tell another stranger that he's died, in a bike crash, and yes, I know he owes them money but there is no money.


More tea vicar.

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