Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I read the news today...

... Oh boys......

I'm finding it hard to write at the moment.

I have friends out there now, right now. The man I love was out there twice. He came home, these 5 didn't, 6 of their mates are being flown back to Selly Oak for treatment. We were lucky, we saw Rich on the day he died, he told us he loved us, we knew he loved us, that we were what he thought about. The families of these boys, or of the EOD boy last week, didn't have that joy. Their man was far away.

I haven't heard from the She-Ex for a couple of weeks now. Part of me minds, because it's very rude just to not answer when she started the email. PArt of me knows BG isn't seeing the blogs. I think her mother will just try and complete the whitewashing of her father out of her life. She started that when she left here in the way she did, when it wasn't the best option for the child, and she has open rein to complete it now. I chose not to contest for the pension, because I felt BG needed it more than AC did. I know she doesn't know that, but I do. She's welcome to it. One day I'll tell BG just how her mother earned that money. How many letters she wrote whilst he was away in Afghanistan. How many pictures she sent. How supportive she was. How she was always telling him little stories about her and never asked about money. Or I could tell her the truth, which is more likely....................

Oh, I'm miserable today.

Ignore me.

Regular programming will be back soon.

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