Thursday, November 5, 2009

Slapping myself firmly!

In order to slap myself out of the doldrums that I am wallowing in, I was poking around some blogs and found this at The Common Room Aside from the fact that Thc Common Room is one of the most fascinating and wide ranging blogs I have ever read, this particular post is also a good idea.

Over the course of November, I need to follow the alphabet, and find 1 thing each day I am thankful for, and post it. I've missed a few days, but here we go.


A is for Andy. Specifically, Andy's. I know Andy B, Andy M, Uncle Fat Andy, amongst others, and they are all good chaps. All adorable, all very affectionate without being pawing. Lots of supportive hugs over the interwebs.

B is for Babies. Gorgeous babies that snuggle and play, grumpy babies that scream and need cuddles, babies in general. Although my baby days are pretty much over (even I know you need a chap around!) they are still wonderful, and I will cheerfully sit for anyones baby.

C is for Children. Children at school, children at home, children who visit, children at church, the Adorable Child, the Beautiful Girl, lots of children. I love my job, I love the things I do, and I love the fact that there are children in my life that I can do this for.

D is for Dishwasher. I know, I know, all very high and mighty thankyous, and then a dishwasher. But I love it. It saves me time and energy and life to spend with my son. Rich bought it for me, because he wanted me to be able to spend more time with him and Sam. That's love for you ;-)

E is for Existence. I see my very existence as a blessing. Although life is certainly hard, painful and tricky at the moment, it is not as bad as it could be. I suppose only I can see that sometimes, but I can, because I'm the person in my life. I'd rather have my life than She-Ex's, than He-Ex's, than my sister, than anyone really. There's nothing wrong with their lives, they just aren't my life. Although if I'd have grown up with their lives, I'd have not wanted my life. This is getting complicated. I'm happy and thankful to exist. Let's leave it at that!

I will not continue to be miserable. It is a choice that I have to make, before I become a bitter and twisted old hag who likes to deny people and hurt them on purpose. And I don't want her life!

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