Monday, November 23, 2009


I woke up to a memory this morning.

On 1st August last year (2008) my sister got married.  In Wales. Yeah. Wales.

It was a long drive,  We hired a car.  Rich was only just back from the 'Stan, and had been to Families Day, my grandmothers Celebration, and now was driving 6 hours to Wales.  We went down by the coast road, and at one point AC asked him about the Ocean.  Rich pulled up on the side of the road, and told him it was the Atlantic Ocean.  He told him that BG was just on the other side of that Ocean, but a long way inland, in the driest part of the continent.  AC said we should visit, and we all agreed we should, and we would.

As we carried on the journey, Rich looked at me, squeezed my hand, and told me he loved me.  I could see the sadness in his eyes, that another year was passing, and the theft of their relationship was still as raw as it ever was.

Our plan was originally to let the AC grow up here, and then move out there.  I could teach, Rich could make things, AC would be educated by then and could make his own choices.  I would have gone sooner, but Rich didn't want to have another child's life destroyed by moving all that way.  He never wanted BG to go in the first place, what father would want his daughter thousands of miles away, but told he was down the road and just too busy to visit?

We waved at the Ocean on the way to Carolines, and the AC told it we'd fly over it to BG one day.

It was a whole combination of things that year that made Rich decide that now was the right time, that the She-Ex couldn't destroy their relationship any more than she was continually trying to, and that we should start our own family.

Happy days, holding hands in the car, smiles back in his mind again and love for us all in his heart.

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