Monday, November 23, 2009

moan winge ad infinitum

I am poorly.

I have a stupid cold which is really being obnoxious, and I can't take tomorrow off because I have trip to do for the children.

Wednesday? Now Wednesday might be off.

The details for the inquest are confirmed, which is great, sorted, all ready to go.

Nelson's Journey came tonight.  Kit is lovely, AC was great, all is well, he is abnormal for a child of his age, but normal for a child going through what he's going through, and doing really well because of the positive memories of Rich, the fact he is mentioned most days and so on.  I'm doing something right!

There was something else, but my head is full of mush.

Oh I know.

I blogged to the BG tonight, just..... because.  I told her about Kevin, and about AC's yellow belt.  I may or may not hear from her, and that's ok.  In years to come I want her to know that she was in my thoughts, even without her Daddy here.  Still love her.

Bedtime now though. Tired.

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