Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Memories.


There's a giveaway at Charming Chatter which is talking about Christmas Memories.

This year, we need to make new memories.

I have 3 years of memories with Rich, with his daft hat, and of wrapping presents on the floor together on Christmas Eve.  Of he and the AC whispering about things.  Of the stocking he used to do for me, every year without fail.  Of the cuddly toy for just as we went to bed after midnight.  Of the carving of the turkey and the pulling of the crackers.

So many memories, especially of last year which was such a big family Christmas.  This year, he won't be here.  I can't even go and be where he was scattered, because I'm not entirely sure where his brother did it in the end, although I know the place.  But I have the memories.  The AC and I will always have those, and the AC will remember the Christmases we shared with such love and enjoyment, with video and photographs.

This year I picked up his Death Certificates on the same day as we picked up the Christmas Tree.

That's a memory that will stay forever.  That was a weird, weird day.

But this year, we're having Christmas Day with my brother and his family and my parents, and life will carry on.  It has to.  The child is 6 now, and we're both going through the motions for each other, because we know that life has to carry on.  We'll make more memories this year, and yes, last year's will make me cry, but we had 3 wonderful Christmases together, that we all enjoyed so, so much.  I won't let Christmas become depressing.

Laters people.

I'm going to go and read other peoples memories now. 

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Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Hi Sarah. I'm sorry to hear that this will be a very difficult Christmas for you and your little boy. I am glad, though, that you do have such sweet memories with Rich. Thanks so much for sharing.