Thursday, April 2, 2009

2300 and....

it's time for bed.

Technically speaking I'm in bed. Wrapped in duvet. Snuggly snuggly warm. I've just spoken to R and he is definately here tomorrow, which will be fantastic. He'll be home fairly early as well.

Tomorrow is looking like a complicated day though.

UP at whatever time.
swish through the house.
AC to his fathers at 8am (On the grounds that originally it was a 9am course.)
Walk up to school. Continue sorting out my room for the painters.
Walk home to be home by 11am.
SB picking me up at 11am to go to the course, 1130 start.
"Wellbeing in the classroom" activity session
back to school.
Sort out my room and SB's room.

And then whatever happens, can just get on and happen!

Joe has just joined me. He's feeling very thumpy tonight and has lumbered around the house sulking because I refuse to feed him. Mainly because he's already been fed! He's a very lumbering cat. I'll stick some pictures up of him and the various animals later in the week.

Right now though, I'm about to start rambling, so I think I'm going to bed.

Night night all!

p.s. Lopez, you star! I shall answer you with my blogthoughts in another post!

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