Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh the joy!

The inescapable joy that is book tokens.


Cards these days that have money on them.  But the serious, serious joy of it.

Yesterday I went shopping with the AC, CP and my collection of gift cards.

I raided Body Shop for sales and smelly things and was given a £5 by them to spend right there and then because it's my birthday. Mmmm! Pomegranate, and banana, and glorious things.

I invaded Game, and used up all my birthday and Christmas and a spot of Tutoring Money to purchase a new X-Box.  The joy of the child was a sight to behold, and the talking of him last night as he tried to decide which games to play first (I wouldn't have replaced it, but to replace the games he loves would have cost as much!) and which games he had played with Rich, and how much he loved gaming with Rich, was worth every single penny.

I made a spirited assault upon WHSmiths, and we all had a magazine.

Finally, oh finally, I allowed us to head into Waterstones.

Oh, the joy of handing over a collection of cards and finding out how much there was on them.  The fabulousness of making an allowance for the boy from the Christmas ones, and then finding the 3 for 2 sections, and then choosing to purchase books by authors I had never read, just because I liked the feel of them, or I'd heard good things, or something felt right when I picked it up.

They were (in no particular order)

A.S.Byatt - The Children's Book (Started it, because it was at the top of the pile!)
Elle Newmark - The Book of Unholy Mischief
Alex Bell - Lex Trent versus The Gods
Michelle Harrison - The 13 Curses
Michelle Laurie - The Undrowned Child
T.S.Learner - Sphinx

The Adorable Child chose a copy of the DK exploded diagrams book about the Star Wars vehicles.  He loves reading - he would, he's growing up surrounded by books, with a mother and step-father who read a lot. (Sort out your own tenses in that sentence, I'm in a fearfully good mood!)  Excellent modelling of reading will create someone who puts effort into reading, just for the sheer love of it.

There are many *things* I love in the world.

Free books are at the top.

It is a true delight and a blessing to have friends who understand me and I am praising God for this very mahoosive gift!

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