Monday, February 1, 2010

Your Shape (for Wii)


I am loving this.

I just did a 45 minute yoga session, after doing the assessment stuff, (15 jumping jacks at speed - a personal best lol!) and aside from the fact that actually, for 35 years old, I am in fine shape, I'm also pretty flexible.  I'm 144lbs, which at 5ft3 is only just above ideal (a matter of a couple of pounds) and I can still go forward fold, downward dog, crocodile, and back up to complete a sun salutation.  My warrior poses have always been good, but I'm happy with my folds.  I can get my hands flat on the floor with so nearly straight legs.  I know 25 year olds who can't do that.

Yes, I'm bragging.  But it's on here.  I can brag on here!

Loving having the camera thing though, it helped me correct my poses a huge amount of times.

I better get on with the day though.

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