Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday snow day!

It's still snowing.

I don't mind it really.

We are all set with basics of foods, plenty in the freezer, plenty of flour, veg box delievered yesterday, it's all good.  The milk is longer life so that'll last, although I might walk down to Tesco later and pick some up.

As there was no school yesterday, and I didn't teach what I'd planned on Thursday, I've got a couple of days plans done, but I'll do more of that I expect.

Life could be worse.

I even have a dinner invitation and visitors tomorrow, regardless of snow apparently.

The AC and I have another adventure planned for the holidays - not Paris because it's too cold, but down to Hoddeston to see friends from Uni, then up to Wales to see lovely Welsh friend.

Not only that, but we have Campion, Ruth Rendall Mysteries and some interesting Sci-Fi films on tv today.  I'm sewing.

I'll catch you later.

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