Friday, February 26, 2010

32 weeks....

It's 32 weeks today.

By now the February baby would have been here.

Or if not him, then the June baby would have just arrived.

Or if not him, then the August baby would be well on his way.

If the She-Ex had kept her promises, and done the right thing with the money we sent, then we'd have been married - and actually, the BG would have been better off, because there would have been life insurance and so on.

But there's a whole world of if's and buts and maybe's.  Let's not even go to "If he hadn't have died...."

If those darling babies had arrived - not all of them lol, I'm not a rat - then I wouldn't be going to do my postgraduate Certificate.  I wouldn't be making the SENCO plans that I am making.  I wouldn't be living the life I am living.

Life has given me lemons in lots of places.  I'm making as much lemonade as I can.

Whoop Whoop and raise the roof...........

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