Thursday, February 25, 2010

Long sleep.

On the sofa, I slept from 8,30-10pm.  In bed I slept from 10-3.30am, then 3.35-5.45.

That's a lot of sleep for someone used to sleeping midnight - 4am.

I know I slept well when Pete was here, we just spent our time talking instead of sleeping!  I know it made a difference to sleep in his arms.  It's one of the reasons we used to do it so much at Uni.  It wasn't a sex thing, just a being together thing. It has been great having someone in the house.  Someone who made *me* a cup of tea, someone who hugged me as they were passing, someone who talked about everything, the way Rich and I used to.

Pete is one of my oldest and dearest friends though. I can't imagine being like this with someone I barely knew, but then I suppose at one point I barely knew Rich.  If the whole July pantomime hadn't happened, then we would never have spent so much time together before the She-Ex took their daughter and left.  Then when we did start seeing each other, it wouldn't have been as the friends that we were becoming deeper in our relationship, but just as a couple starting out together.  I liked our way better.

I love the fact he knew so much about me before he knew me naked.  That he loved me, for who I was, not what I could do for him in the bedroom (he referred to it as an added bonus that that side of things was amazing and was always, always surprised how much I liked it! I suppose it depends what you are used to, because I was surprised how much he liked it too!)

Anyway, I can't go down this road now.  His road is forever closed to me, on this Earth.  One day though..... One day we'll all be together again, with the children, without the hassles of before.

That's got to be a bonus.

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