Thursday, February 4, 2010



I have been offered the chance to do my PostGrad Cert, then Diploma, then probably my MEd.

Where do I start?

Complex Needs

Choices, choices.

And I am also now the Targeting Mental Health in Schools Co-ordinator, which means I *do* know what I'm talking about with children's mental health, and someone else is recognising that.  It means meetings with area, with Head of Child Psychology and so on.  It means the start to changing things hopefully, to putting programmes in place for children instead of doping them on drugs, looking at why they behave the way they do, looking at traumas and indicators in their lives, not just masking it all with a pill for which the closest chemical relation is Crystal Meth.

Why would you give your child an amphetamine, a derivative of Speed, when there were other ways?

I know some of the reasons, but hey.... lets not judge.... ;-)

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trasha said...

Okay let's not judge (out loud). People not taking time to actually get to know a child's needs drives me crackers.