Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sssssh! He's sleeping.....

Tonight, he came down the stairs again, for one more hug, one more cuddle, and in the end he said, "But I just want to see you tonight. Just in case." and so he went on the sofa, no tv, no nothing, I barely spoke to him because I was working.  He barely spoke to me, because he was so tired, but his "brain was too busy to sleep."

He was asleep after about 15 minutes, and I'll put him into his own bed when I finish this.

For reasons best known to itself, and nothing to do with the source file, the picture of the afternoons scarf progress looks like this. Hmmmmmmmmmm.  But you get the idea.  I've worked out where the mistake was, and how not to do it again.

This is my delight and my salvation, as the psalm goes.  A silent one-cup maker that will also boil a kettle.  Yes, it's an extravagance, but there won't be many of those soon.  It's environmentally friendlier, and gorgeous to look at as well.  And has my Doctor Who Dalek  mug on it at the moment, which Rich got for me with the AC one year for my Easter egg.  Mothering Sunday is in 2 weeks, and I'm trying not to think about it, because this time last year, and the year before, there were whisperings in corners, and cards being hidden, and plans and schemes being made.  Rich took it very seriously, and always, always told me what a great mother I was, and how I would be a fantastic mother to our children, how he would never have to worry.  He promised me all the things on the milk advert... (I must find the link for it, even if it was SMA)

Anyway.  Enough maudlin before bed.

See this? This is what I have just found.  The Kevin-Cat has knocked over the pile of veg boxes, and was sat looking at them with a "What? Where did they come from? Wasn't me!" face.

But this little face


This face is going to bed.
Night all.  Tomorrow I must tell of church.  Tonight I shall think upon it some more.

Found the words....

I promise not to pretend I'm asleep when our baby wakes at 3am, or 4am, or 5am.

I promise never to say 'my mum thinks your holding the baby wrong'.

I promise not to mention that sometimes when i kiss your beautiful neck it smells of perfume and baby sick.

I promise not to join in any of my mates sing the theme tune from The Omen, although it is quite funny.

I promise to do at least my fair share of nappy changing and night feeding.

I promise to tell you often, how proud i am of you, and how you've made me the happiest dad on the planet. All this i pledge without any pressure from you, my lovely lovely misses. 

It came on the tv one night, and he looked at me, kissed me, and said "I promise all that as well, y'know." and kissed me again. *happy memory sigh*

And the film link is still on my "to find" list.

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