Monday, March 22, 2010

Early morning!

It's early again.

I spent a lot of the late evening talking to my father about why he thinks my mother hasn't phoned him from France (she doesn't want to talk to him) and what the real reason is (she's dropped her phone down the toilet - and we know this for a fact)

I didn't do any work, didn't finish ironing the HST's, didn't do anything else.

I spoke to AB afterwards and despaired slightly of my parent, because I can see this as the beginning of his elderly years.

I spent a lot of the weekend working on these! 

The pinks are quite pretty I suppose, once they are not in the big pieces they were originally in, when they were The Most Vile Fabric in the Multiverse. They aren't great pictures, because I really have to charge the camera and not use my phone so much! There are 6 colours of 4 sets of pink scrap fabric squares which will make triangles, so that's 48 triangles.  Each block will have a big HST and 5 little ones.


The He-Ex is going to send me pictures, but I'm trying to get the one he texted me off my phone right now.  The AC did his mile for Sport Relief yesterday, and did it in 8 minutes 15 seconds.  He ran almost all the way and managed a sprint finish!  He's going to take his medal in today to be presented in assembly.

And finally, The She-Ex tried to leave a comment on here. I haven't read it, because it starts "RIGHT Since you will not answer my letters perha....." and whilst I was going to look at all the emails tonight, right now I don't think I want to as she's a) clearly reading this and so knows how upset I have been recently and is still being mean, and b) even looking at that sentence made me start to tense up.  It's a shame, as she's sent a lovely picture of the BG, and the BG and the AC were talking through email, although that looks like a ruse to get me to open emails from her now!

I don't need unpleasantness and nastyness in my life right now, so, yeah, that's the way it is. 

Oh and finally finally, loads of people have *asked* if they can come to July18th.  How cool is that!  So much for him being "a monkey in a suit with no personality" as the She-Ex was going to tell their daughter that her daddy was.

Got to do stuff - and my boy has poorly legs.....

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Chef Penny said...

Way to go AC! I bet you were so proud! As for the rest, take care of you first and say a long prayer before you open any of them! If you decide to wait, then so be it! (((((hugs))))))